5 Jul 2014

Jam Filled Croissants

Recently we had a freshly baked croissants on our holiday. Me and My husband is very much fond of it and thus i wanted to try the same at home. Came across so many recipes, but was finding it little complex to work on as i was unable to understand the procedure. But few picture inscrutable for shaping croissants made little easy to understand..Here i have tried my best to make all you viewers to get proper understanding.
As this summer i stored mango jam in a large qty so thought to make Jam filled Croissants for breakfast...
But to be honest, i was little disappointed with the color crust as i myself forgot to Egg wash the Croissants that gives a nice glaze and golden crust.
Please be careful and don't forget to egg wash before baking...I have mentioned below for the same.



For Dough:
3 cups Maida / All purpose flour
3/4 cup warm milk
1/2 cup water
1 tsp sugar
1 1/4 tsp Instant dry yeast
1 tsp salt
2 tbsp olive oil
1 1/4 cup cold grated butter

1 beaten egg for egg washing the croissants.

For Filling:
1 cup home made or store bought Mango Jam (Click on the link for the jam recipe)

Note: I used mango jam but feel free to use Jams or preserves of your choice. For filling Per croissant, you will need 1 tsp of jams/preserve that you will use. Best part is,  you can play with the fillings inside and create your own version...Dough measurements will remains same.
Try the one Savoury croissants.


  • In a small bowl, pour milk and sprinkle sugar and yeast. Let the yeast mixture stand until frothy, about 15 minutes.
  •  In a large bowl, Mix Maida / All purpose flour with salt and olive oil. Now pour frothy yeast milk mixture in to it, pour water and accumulate all into a sticky dough mixture. (You may need extra flour for dusting and kneading the dough to form a smooth, soft and elastic dough)
  • Keep Kneading for 5 minutes until smooth, soft and elastic. Grease the dough with olive oil, cover it with a plastic cling film and allow it rise until doubles in volume, about 30-35 minutes. 

  • Mean while tear a cling film and grate cold butter on to it. Disperse a little and cover it with the cling film. Refrigerate the butter in a cling film about 40 minutes or an hour, until again hard and stiff. 

(see the picture below)

  • Once the dough rises, deflate it by punching down. 
  • Again tear a cling film and place it on a work surface, sprinkle it with some flour and bring the dough on the dusted cling film, knead the dough for 2 minutes. Roll the dough with a rolling pin in a rectangular shape.

Bring out the dispersed chilled butter from fridge. Unwrap it and place it on the rolled dough and make 2 folds of the dough. Roll it again with a rolling pin and again make 2-3 folds out of it. Wrap the dough with the film and refrigerate for atleast 30 minutes.
(see the picture below)

  • After 30 minutes bring the dough out, unwrap the dough and roll. Fold it as shown above, Re-wrap and refrigerate again for 30 minutes. Repeat the procedure for total 4 times. (i know its little time consuming but for achieving something good and best it does takes time and the end seeing the results you will feel worth doing this, infact i enjoyed the whole process and i am sure you too will)
  • Now once you finish the rolling and wrapping procedure four times, its time for making croissants and its filling...( Alas Finallyy...;) 

For shaping Croissants:

(Follow the step-by-step pic below)

  • Unwrap the dough, roll it in a large rectangular shape about 16"x7"
  • Cut the rectangular dough in half diagonally forming 7-8 triangle. 
  • Take one triangle of the dough, pull on the corners of  a triangle unlike a little stretching. 
  • Take a tsp of Mango jam or preserves of your choice and place it on a triangle dough, fold it till the end carefully..Like wise make croissants of each triangle and line it on a greased baking tray.
  • Cover the tray with a tea towel and allow the croissants to rise for about an hour.
  • Once it rises, egg wash the top of all the croissants before baking. 
  • Pre-heat oven at 180 degree Celsius.
  • Bake the rised croissants for 20 minutes and after that reduce the temperature at 160 degree Celsius and allow to bake more for 15 minutes, or until you get nice golden crust on top. (place a bowl of water in lower rack of oven and croissants on top rack, keep a check on the crust to avoid over baking and burning)
  • Once Baked allow all the croissants to cool on wire rack.

Here you are ready with your freshly baked Jam Filled Croissants for breakfast..


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