16 May 2014

Luscious Jamun Frozen Yogurt (Java Plum)

Since childhood i am very much fond of yogurt and fruits. I remember, i always use to mix all available fruits at my place and mix in curd with little sugar and enjoy. Since than i have came across to flavored yogurts and than frozen yogurt. Take any favorite fruit of your choice and you can make frozen yogurt out of it. I initially thought to make it with mangoes but later when i checked it was not in a sufficient qty, but in one corner of my kitchen i saw jamun (Java Plum) in large qty, i jumped with joy and quickly pulled out and made this.
Check its recipe below. Lets beat this scorching heat with icey, creamy and luscious frozen yogurt.


500 gms Jamun (Java Plum)
450 ml thick & creamy full fat yogurt
1/2 cup Honey (Can use powdered sugar, i used honey)
2 tsp fresh lime juice


  • Wash Jamun (java plum)
  • Remove its seeds (My jamuns were riped and so it was easy for me to pull out its seeds, if its not same with you than use knife)
  • In mixer jar beat thick and creamy curd until slightly fluffy. Now add seedless jamuns, fresh lime juice and honey. Beat until smooth.
  • Pour in a Freezer safe container. Cover it with plastic cling film. 
  • After 1-2 hr bring out and scrap for a minute.(Do this twice).
  • And than after freeze it thoroughly in freezer. (Mine was ready to serve in 5 hrs)
  • Scoop and enjoy luscious Jamun frozen yogurt. :)

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