19 May 2014

HomeMade Oats Ice-Cream (Eggless)

With left over rolled oats packet i made this. I was wondering to make muffins, later i thought no muffins, will make cake, will make cookies, will make bread loaf....so on and many thoughts came one by one. But do not wanted to bake this time. So thought for some chilled dessert out of it, and  ice cream with it was the best thought i guess. Heard very little? An oats ice cream? But believe me it was good,,, very creamy, thick and soft in texture. And with oats, it is healthy as always....:)
Mostly kids love ice creams but don't like oats and every mother wants their kid to eat oats, why not to give in form of ice creams than...fun for them and happy mommies.....
This can be garnished in different ways. Below i have shared some garnishing ideas, do have a look to it as well.......

This Ice cream can be made with different flavors using mango pulp, chocolate, strawberry or any other flavour..


1 1/2 cup finely powdered rolled oats (Use mixer grinder)
2 cups low fat milk
1 cup water
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 cup powdered sugar
3 tbsp Raisins/sultanas
3 tbsp sliced Pistachios
3 tbsp sliced roasted almonds
4 tbsp Dark choco chips (can use semi sweet also)

  • In a large bowl, Mix (Cold or room temperature) milk, powdered sugar and water. 
  • Meanwhile in mixer grinder jar, grind rolled oats into very thin fine powder. (you'll see some oat chunks, so sieve it and use or can still use as it is)
  • Add this grind oats slowly in milk mixture (Keep mixing continuously or else it will start forming lumps, you can even use hand blender to break lumps if any).
  • Mixture should be, smooth and lump free. Now mix vanilla extract, Raisins/sultanas, sliced pistachios roasted sliced almonds and dark choco chips to it. Pour this mixture in freezer safe container cover and allowed it to freeze overnight without disturbing. After 2-3 hrs scrap in between (do this twice).
  • Scoop and serve..

Garnishing Ideas:
1) Garnish it with toasted muesli and Dust cinnamon powder
2) Garnish it with with sliced pistachios, sliced almonds and with choco chips..
3) Or simply drizzle strawberry or chocolate syrup by adding dried fruits and choco chips...
4) Or scoop ice cream between two chocolate biscuits or any flavor of biscuits that you like and sandwich it. Serve the same with berries that you are have at home..

Note: For a perfect soft scoop add 1 tbsp of vodka to your ice cream mixture and Beat  for about a 2-3 minute. Than freeze your ice cream. This gives nice soft texture to ice cream and not the firm one. (But its optional and totally up to your choice)

Too much of alcohol in ice cream will not allow it to freeze so make sure you use little qty of it.

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