8 Apr 2014

Semolina (Sooji/Rawa) Halwa

Semolina (Sooji/Rawa) Halva
1 Cup Semolina
1 Cup Ghee
2 Cup Skimmed Milk
1/3 Cup Sugar
10-15 Raisins
5-6 Almonds (Roughly small Chopped)
10-15 Cashew Nuts (optional)
2 tsp Cardamom Powder

In a Frying Pan, Mix semolina with ghee and keep lading continuously for 5-10 minutes, or till you see light brown color of it. Once done pour Luke warm skimmed milk, raisins and keep stirring on medium flame until a part amount of milk absorbs. Now add sugar and keep stirring till all is absorbed. Slowly after a while you'll see ghee running on sides of pan. Turn off the flame. Garnish it with small and roughly chopped almonds and cashew nuts(optional).

Serves : 4
Time : 20-22 Minutes

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