26 Jul 2015

Quick Fix Mango Strawberry Lemon shots

I really love and like quick fix dessert to serve especially when I have some guest expected, because starter and main course mostly takes long time for me so I prefer to keep my dessert lil quick...and with quick I mean, 15 Minutes. Yes I finished making this classy summer shots in just 15 minutes, but obviously with the things readily available at home (whipping the cream took 4 minutes and churning mangoes and strawberry took less than a minute, assembling in to shot took exact 4 minutes and some garnishing was done in 2-3 minute extra) So here is my dessert made in hurry goes...:)



For mango layer:

4 cups mango pulp
6-7 strawberry puréed and churned ( actually I was some left outs in fridge so thought to churn and mix it with mango pulp, you can skip strawberry if you don't have)
1 tsp lemon juice
3 tbsp honey 

For whipped cream layer:

450-500 ml of heavy whipped cream
4 tbsp honey
2 tsp lemon juice

For toppings and garnishing:

Grated lemon zest and fresh chopped mint leaves!! Can also use sliced strawberries or small mango chunks over..


For Mango Layer:
If you are using fresh mangoes as I did, peel and puree it in to the mixer juicer grinder with strawberries.
Add a lemon juice and honey.
Layer the mango puree mix in to your favourite serving glass.
Top the mango mix layer with some small mango chunks if you have, I myself saved few chunks to top the layer...tiny Miny bits of mangoes makes it even more delicious...!!

For whipped cream layer:
In a deep large bowl, whip the heavy chilled cream for 3-4 minutes with beater, until frothy and foam peak. 
Add lemon juice and honey and give it light stir by folding the same in to the foamy cream to mix well. (do not beat after adding lemon juice and honey)
Top the cream mixture over mango mix in the glass.
Garnish the cream top with grated lemon zest and chopped mint leaves..Ta daaaa, you are ready with refreshing summer classy shots. Put it in to the freeze till the time you are ready to serve desserts to your pleased guest....!!

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