18 Jun 2014

Easy Chunky Mango jam

With mangoes in season, i always store it in form of chutneys, pickles and sometimes its juice (aamras). This time thought an addition to this what else i can make, suddenly while thinking my husband was looking for a jam in freeze for his breakfast, i stood up and thanked him, though he didn't understood for what i was thanking him, later told him about the idea for Mango jam..:) This is really a good way to preserve fruits. And even when it is home made you tend to eat more. Mango Jams are very useful to me, as i use it in granola bars, Jam buttered toast as well as i make Mango Jam cake out of it. Stay tuned, soon will be posting Mango jam Cake recipe that is...Truly heaven and equally delicious..:)
For now..please have a look to an easy chunky mango jam..:)

Easy chunky Mango Jam


5 Mangoes diced into small cubes
1 lemon and its zest
2 1/2 cup sugar
1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp nutmeg powder


Wash and peel the skin of mangoes and chop it finely into small cube like shapes.
In a large pan, add mangoes, lemon juice and grated lemon zest with tsp of salt, sugar and nutmeg powder. (Do not add water)

Turn the flame on and cook on a medium flame by stirring in between. (Keep a watch and stir in between else mangoes will stick to the bottom)
Slowly you 'll see, mangoes getting cooked with the visible glossy texture.
Soon you'll notice little reduction in to the qty as well as chutney like consistency. (Do not forget to stir in between, keep a proper check to the consistency, it should be nicely cooked but at the same time should be spreadable too once cooked)

Turn the flame off and Allow the mixture to cool completely and transfer it to a sterilized glass jar. 
Label the jar with the date. 
This should keep for a year if stored in cool and dry place. And enjoy it with buttered toast. 

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