23 Apr 2014

Italian Ricotta Cheese Recipe

Italian Ricotta Cheese, is easy and a flexible recipe which anyone can make at home. Ricotta is a Fabulous component of many Italian dessert, such as cheese cake and cannoli. It is also used in pasta's, pizza's, lasagne, ravioli and so on...Well apart from this even in india it is often used as a substitute for Paneer for making Indian desserts like Ras Malai, and  even sondesh, But its not at all a substitute for khoe.
Just check the recipe below.. and enjoy home made delicious  "Italian Ricotta cheese". 
Italian Ricotta Cheese


1.5 ltr Full Fat Milk
1/2 Cup Heavy Cream 
1 Cup Full fat yogurt
1 tsp salt
2 tsp white plain vinegar


In a Large pan, bring milk, heavy cream, full fat yogurt, salt and vinegar to boil. Gently on a low flame boil for 2-4 minutes, until milk curdles up. Meanwhile take a strainer and cover it with a muslin cloth and place it on top of a deep bowl. Once milk curdles up and comes to boil, stir and put off the flame. Strain curdled milk with a strainer having muslin cloth. Do not throw away its water also known as whey (You can use this in soups), let it drain for 15-20 minutes. Gather muslin cloth and squeeze properly to remove excess water or whey out of it. 
Once done keep cheese covered with the cloth and keep a heavy object on top to give it shape of your choice.
Refrigerate and use this within 3-4 days.
With this cheese do try my Vegetable and Herbed Cheese Cake

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